REACHE North West carries out training and offers pastoral support, provides facilities for study and runs additional projects for Refugee Healthcare Professionals (RHPs). Follow the links below for more information.

All classes are free for REACHE North West members. In addition, members have access to a number of resources to support their studies:


  • Tutors available for pastoral support and career guidance
  • Limited assistance with travel costs where appropriate
  • Assistance with appropriate charitable applications

Appointments can be made to see tutors by telephone or email

English Support

Occupational English Test (OET) preparation

Through formal weekly courses and intensive sessions, with supporting materials. New students will be given an English language assessment before being allocated to an English class.

English practice in a medical context

The PLAN (Patients – Listening to, Advising and Negotiating with them) meetings provide the opportunity for English practice with UK medical students taking the role of patients.


ECK: Essential Clinical Knowledge

Half-day study sessions based around clinical cases developed specifically for REACHE North West doctors to help adapt clinical reasoning to UK practice in the context of British culture and the National Health Service (NHS).

PLAB Medical Update

Preparatory sessions on medical topics given by visiting hospital clinicians and REACHE North West tutors, with practice of PLAB 1 style questions related to the topic.


The REACHE North West centre has manikins and other materials needed to practice for PLAB 2. REACHE members may be funded to attend an external preparatory PLAB 2 course.


(Patients – Listening to, Advising and Negotiating with them). Includes PLAB 2 style communication stations, practising with UK medical students.


Tutor support

Assistance with CV preparation, job applications and interview skills. CV resources here.

If you make an appointment to review your CV, please bring an electronic copy with you, or email it in advance.

Preparing for the NHS

Through many of the classes, a consistent aim is to give an insight into the context of healthcare delivery in the NHS and differences between the UK and other countries.

Work Placements

Opportunities to gain skills, confidence and UK references from observerships and supported employment.


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